MRJO’s classification of scientific research fields:

  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Natural/Physical Sciences

Publishing House

The Non-Governmental Association “Euro Project”, serves as the publishing house for the Multidisciplinary Research Journal Olcinium (MRJO).

Euro Project’s Activity

1.Scientific research in: 

  • Economics & Business Management
  • Language & Literature
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Law and Politics
  • Biology & Chemistry

2. Researching in Development:

  • Tourism, Agriculture, and Infrastructure
  • Preparation and development of staff for; banks, experts, customs, police communes, municipal managers etc.
  • Organization of seminars, professional and scientific conferences, presentation etc.

3. Directory

Leadership of the Non-Governmental Association “Euro Project”:

      • Directorate for International Cooperation
      • Directorate for National Programs
      • Directorate for publishing activities
      • Directorate for Innovative and Technological Development
      • Directorate for the organization of scientific conferences
      • Directorate for the Advancement and Promotion of Scientific Magazines