About Olcinium

Multidisciplinary Research Journal Olcinium (MRJO)

Current research in the Multidisciplinary Research Journal Olcinium (MRJO) serves as a publication platform as well as a research database in a wide variety of research fields within academia. MRJO is an open-access journal available internationally to scholars and the academic community. Currently, MRJO publishes two times per year: in April and December by Euro Project (Non-Governmental Association)

Publishers: Euro Project (Non-Governmental Association)

MRJO aims to foster high quality research of individual research problems from the thorough perspective of experts from various fields within academia.


Acquiring regional as well as international reverence in the world of scientific publishing. Our vision encompasses publishing progressive peer-reviewed research articles par excellence using open access model of publication, without any constraint, financial or other imposed on the readers.


  • To furnish articles of superlative quality to the scientific community all across the globe.
  • To give researchers a number one opportunity to publish novel studies and review articles.
  • To strive for their research enhancement and distinguished place in the world of scientific publishing.

Aim and Scope

Multidisciplinary Research Journal Olcinium (MRJO) aims to become the common meeting ground for scientists, dedicated researchers and those business environment representatives who are interested in the promotion of research and innovation through the creation of a stimulating business environment that will be able to address issues not merely from the business standpoint but also taking under account various perspectives of respective distinct experts of various fields.

We aim towards excellence in the scientific research activity because this is a genuine key to success and development and this is why our mission statement is “Excellence in scientific research”. Our fundamental values are:

  • innovation and creativity in the research activity
  • professional excellence of the human resources involved
  • integration in the current knowledge generation
  • ethical conduct and integrity in the research activity